AAFIE in Conversation is our very own podcast show featuring flexi folk yarning, sharing practice wisdoms, showcasing research insights and reflections & more! Listen below!

Episode 1 Research + Practice = MAGIC! Ft. Professor Kitty te Riele & Mr. Dale Murray

The first comprehensive research on ‘flexis’ across Australia. The foremost national flexi provider in the country. Put these two together and you get MAGIC! In this episode of AAFIE in Conversation Prof. Kitty te Riele & Dale Murray yarn  about how it all started, the Doing School Differently Conference & AAFIE. What they’ve learnt since then, and where they see it all going…

Episode 2 – Language: Connection to Culture, Identity & Country : Reclaiming the Truth to healing ft. Dr John Davis 

In this episode, Dale Murray is joined by Dr John Davis the CEO of the Stronger Smarter Institute. Dale & John yarn about Language, and it’s connection to Culture, Identity and Country. John explores how First Nations communities can use language to reclaim the truth to healing. We also learn how we can all apply the true names of this place to support decolonoisation and work together towards removing the invasion footprint on this land.

Episode 3 – Mentoring Matters ft. Taryn Marks

In this episode, AAFIE’s Professor Julian Sefton-Green spends sometime with Taryn Marks General Manager of AIME, a Wotjobaluk woman from Western Victoria to yarn about why Mentoring Matters.We can’t wait to share this episode with you and extend our thanks for Taryn for making time for AAFIE in Conversation.

Episode 4Supporting re-entry for in-person learning: Rhythms, Routines and strategies to support our young people Ft. Dr Tom Brunzell.

In this Episode, AAFIE’s Dale Murray chats with Dr Tom Brunzell,  Director of Education at Berry Street and Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne.  In this episode, Dale and Tom cover some of the impacts of COVID-19 on young people with complex unmet needs for learning and the sudden in schooling when the pandemic set in in early 2020. Tom shines light on the fact that the unexpected change away from in-person learning made our already vulnerable learners immediately more vulnerable. While this conversation focusses on some of the challenges of this vulnerability, is also aims to share a message of resilience, strength and adaptability of these young people in such uncertain times.

Episode 5 – A Special Interest Group for AAFIE & What’s on at DSD2022 

In this Episode, AAFIE’s Dale Murray is joined by Dr. Andrew Bills, Flinders University, and Nigel Howard, UniSA Futures to discuss the development of AAFIE first Special Interest Group focusing on how we might reimagine and reengineer curriculum that builds on an ethic of care and seeks to make accredited outcomes more accessible for young people in alternative and inclusive education. Dale also chats with Andrew and Nigel about their presentation at the upcoming Doing School Differently Conference in Adelaide this June. Nigel and Andrew will be presenting a Workshop entitled: Doing Professional Learning Differently: Implications for preservice education.

Episode 6 – The School for Nomads ft. Mr. Richard O’Neill 

In this episode, AAFIE’s Dale Murray is joined by Mr. Richard O’Neill from Manchester UK. Richard describes himself as a master storyteller brought up in the nomadic storytelling tradition. Richard has made and continues to make a huge contribution to the art of storytelling across the world. Richard’s book ‘The School for Nomads’ recognises the importance for young Gypsy and Traveller people to have access to books that positively reflect their lives and experiences.

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