Episode 1 –Research + Practice = MAGIC Ft. Prof. Kitty te Riele & Dale Murray

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The first comprehensive research on ‘flexis’ across Australia. The foremost national flexi provider in the country. Put these two together and you get MAGIC! In this podcast, Prof. Kitty te Riele & Dale Murray, co-chairs of AAFIE yarn about how it all started, the Doing School Differently Conference & AAFIE. What they’ve learnt since then, and where they see it all going….

Prof. Kitty te Riele

Kitty leads the research portfolio in the Peter Underwood Centre for Educational Attainment, at the University of Tasmania in Australia. Kitty is internationally respected as a leading expert on alternative educational provision and on education in the context of youth justice.

Much of Kitty’s research examines and supports the work of flexible learning programs to enable marginalised young people to improve their life chances. In addition, her research at the intersection of youth justice and education highlights ways to support young people to connect with education when they appear before a criminal court, while in custody, and when they leave custody. All this work has benefited immensely from collaboration with esteemed colleagues in Australia and internationally.

A key report is Putting the jigsaw together: Flexible learning programs in Australia. Final report (2014), available through the membership portal at https://aafie.org.au/

Kitty’s research is underpinned by the conviction that reforms that make schooling work better for marginalised students have significant potential to improve schooling for most students in conventional schools as well.

Dale Murray

For over 35 years Dale has worked in the area of flexible education provision. Firstly, as a teacher in the Centre Education Programme then as its Principal. Dale then held the role of Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) Principal Flexible Learning Centre Network, Director EREA Youth+, Youth+ Institute and Director Partnership for EREA. In his time with EREA he was responsible for the creation of 21 Flexible Learning Centres in Australia.

Dales current role is Director Education for Life Without Barriers (www.lwb.org.au) where his work with the LWB team is to support children and young people in out of home care to reach their educational potential. Dale participates in a range of research partnership with the ARC and NHMRC.

Dale has completed a Churchill Fellowship and Endeavour Fellowship which focused on education environments for disenfranchised young people and first nations education respectively. Dale has a deep commitment to working with communities NGO’s, government, families and young people in developing learning environments and pathways that offer socially inclusive education.

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