AAFIE Aspiration Statement

At AAFIE, our fundamental belief is all young people, regardless of postcode, have equal access to inclusive, positive future focused educational opportunities, specific to their needs.

We understand that a young person’s access to educational opportunities does not exist in isolation, in fact, education is a central part of the ecology of a young person’s life. This eco-system is unique and relies on the support of a broad range of providers to function successfully. For this reason, AAFIE recognises that all young people have the right to:

  • A home. Safe, affordable and suitable accommodation
  • Relationships that are safe and supportive
  • Health care that is tailored and specific to developmental need
  • Mental, physical and spiritual support services
  • To be treated fairly by all systems who are charged with responsibility to provide care – youth justice and child protection

AAFIEs activities focus on promoting the diverse work of professionals and young people who engage, work in and alongside the Flexible and Inclusive education settings across Australia. With the support of a knowledgeable, experienced and passionate membership, AAFIE will advocate, collaborate and influence education in Australia. Our aim is to provide agency, voice and identity for young people and professionals within the Flexible and Inclusive Australian educational landscape.

AAFIE understands that flexible and inclusive learning programs come in many shapes and forms, but they have in common a desire to change the way schooling is provided to better suit young people for whom traditional schooling approaches have not worked well. AAFIE with its members are committed to:

  • establishing and maintaining a hub of excellence in flexible and inclusive education with a focus on creating a national voice, knowledge exchange and advocacy platforms for the thousands of young people that experience disenfranchisement from education.
  • advancing evidence informed best practice pedagogies that support inclusion of those less well served in education settings with a biennial conference – Doing School Differently.
  • the establishment of AAFIE as a national peak body representing the diverse range of flexible and inclusive education provision in the nation.

AAFIE Board Members

Kitty te Riele Tasmania
Peter Reynolds Western Australia
Julian Sefton-GreenVictoria
Dale MurrayQueensland
Simon Vaughan ACT
Glenda McGregor Queensland
Megan Hall (admin) Queensland

AAFIE Annual Reports


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